Frequently Asked Questions



 01  Who needs a resume?

Anyone who seeks to gain employment needs a resume. These days, it's rare that you can walk into a business, tell the manager you need a job and get hired on the spot. Usually, they will ask you to complete an application and/or submit a resume. If they think you might be a good candidate for the position, someone will get back to you to schedule an interview. It is that document called a resume that can set you apart from all the other applicants or land place you among the undesirables. You can have years of experience but if your resume is lackluster and doesn't  properly convey what you bring to the table, you probably won't get called for an interview. Think of your resume as your foot in the door. Allow us to make sure that the door doesn't get slammed on your foot. Click here to utilize our resume services.




 02  Who needs a bio?

Every professional needs a bio but especially if you are an expert in your field or speak publicly. I've worked on several events where guest speakers were requested to send a bio and they sent a resume or CV. That may send the message to the person who requested your presence that you don't take the opportunity to share your knowledge publicly seriously because you have not invested the time and/or money to get a bio. Your bio should be informative and interesting. A laundry list of what you have accomomplished is not acceptable. Unlike a resume, a bio is in paragraph form and can allow some of your personality to shine through. It should scream I am accomplished, impressive, knowledgeable and others love me! Allow us to create a bio that will make everyone recognize that you're a big deal. Click here to get started.



 03  Who needs a press release?

A press release is an official statement issued to the media giving information on a particular matter. Often it is used to help garner attention for  particular person, organization, service, product or cause. Reporters are more likely to consider giving media coverage if they first receive a press release. It is a fundamental tool of public relations work, one that anyone who's willing to use the proper format can use. Here at You Are Impressive, we know the proper format and wording that the press is looking for to answer the who, what, when, where, why and how in order to peak their interest. Allow us to craft your next press release. Click here to get started on your stellar press release.


Please be advised that a press rlease is the first step to getting media attention but one must know how to properly communicate with the media as well. That crucial component is called media relations. We just thought we'd share that fact.




 04  How does this process work?

We have a simple process that is designed to keep you in the loop about what is going on with your project at all times. 


1) Contact Us. We need to know exactly what it is you need in order to determine if we can properly assist you. It's as simple as sending us an email. Someone will contact you within 24 hours to learn more.


2) Payment. We will not get started on your project until all money has been received. If you need a resume, one of our content experts will call you to get more information and provide an estimate.


2) Documents. We will send you a questionaire that contains the information that we need to know to complete your project. The more information you can provide the better. For example, if you are getting a resume and you have an older version you can send with your previous experience that will prevent us from having to start from scratch and save us time and you money. If we are assisting with a press release and you have a website you can refer us to, a  brochure about your organization and/or the ucpcoming event you want to promote or other information that would be most helpful.


3) First Draft. After receiving all the documents we will get to work completing the first draft. If we have additional questions our experts may email, call or text you. Please inform us which would be the most effective form of communication for you.


4) Feedback. After receiving your feed back, we will make the revisions necessary to make you happy.


5) Completion. Once the project is complete we will send your document to you in Microsoft Word. This will enable you to make changes in the future, if you desire.




 05  What if I am dissatisfied with your services?

We offer quality services and we will do everything within our power to make you happy. We are a wrtiting service,  and the only way to receive a full refund is if you request the refund before we begin working on your project. If your project has been completed and you are dissatisfied, we will work with you to make any corrections you deem necessary. Our goal is happy clients because it's just the right thing to do. We've also found that they provide the best marketing.