Jae Henderson

President & Content Specialist 


Jae is a woman of many talents whose career has allowed her to hold an array of titles. They include professional and marketing & PR professional, technical writer, radio personality, talk show producer, book author and more! With such a varied media background she knows how to produce documents that get noticed. Each word is finely crafted excellence on paper! 

O: 901.266.JAE1

About Us


You Are Impressive is the online niche marking component of Put It In Writing Professional Writing Service & PR. The company was founded in 2003 by marketing and PR expert Jae Henderson to assist those who want well-written documents but don't quite know how to make it happen. Everyone has something they want to say but not everyone can convey it in the proper manner. Well, worry no more. We are content specialists and pride ourselves in creating what we refer to as "memorable messaging"...words that embed themselves in the readers' psyches causing them to recall them over and over again. Because, what good is a document if no one remembers what it said? Our motto is "We Write the Words You Want to Say" for a reason.


Jae began to get calls from several people who were looking for new employment or to brand themselves better as an expert in their field with a quality bio. She also had quite a few clients who wished to have press releases written that would attract the media's attention. This would enable them to get FREE publicity for their business, product, service or upcoming event. YouAreImpressive.com was launched to devote talented individuals specifically to those three things.


Our team of educated, qualified, creative writers and designers are well-versed in producing an array of documents. We will convey to your target audience the message you want them to receive in a manner that will not only guarantee clarity but leave them impressed.


We want you to impress prospective employers and get that interview!


We want you to impress others with a bio that properly conveys who you are, what you have accomplished and why you are considered an expert in your field.


We want you to impress others with a press release that compels the media to inform their viewers, readers, or listeners about you, your business, service, or product.